Een mooi verhaal van KP4DJT uit de ‘BrandMeister General Support‘ groep op Telegram:

I am going to tell you guys a story that I think will give you
one more reason to back this part of our dear hobby.

One of the fellow DMR guys is a teacher at a school here in central Oklahoma. As I understand it he did a demo of DMR in front of his students and the school administration.

He said the kids were crazy about being able to “talk all over the world with that little radio” and the administration asked him what he needed (you better be ready with a big credit card for that question). He began to explain all about amateur radio, and ended up getting a DMR repeater a 15m tower, HF gear and gear to do communications with the ISS, and other gear to train in electronics.

He just told me the other day he had received his order of soldering irons for the tech class to teach them how to solder.

He is or has interviewed with NASA for a overhead ISS pass in order to get the longest visibilty window so the class can talk to the ISS crew.

He is looking for others who are doing or wanting to do the same thing he wants to get his students on DMR and get some sort of WW studen TG(s) going.

All of this came about from a DMR demo.
His call is N5LUO, Bill in Tecumseh, OK
You can find him on TG31401

Give thanks, indeed give thanks.